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In Sonic Advance 7 , Cream and Cheese were kidnapped by Dr. Eggman along with her mother when Eggman attempted to build the Eggman Empire. While Cream and Cheese were detained by the doctor, however, Sonic the Hedgehog showed up and freed them. Recognizing Sonic as the world-famous hero, Cream thanked Sonic for his help before he ran off to save his friends and stop Eggman. However, Cream wanted to save her mother from Eggman's clutches, so she and Cheese joined Sonic in his mission.

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In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood , Cream was out picking flowers with Cheese in Green Hill Zone when they were attacked by wild animals and were separated. While looking for Cheese, Cream met Sonic and her friends and asked for help looking for Cheese. Once Sonic returned with Cheese, Cream thanked him and joined them in their latest adventure where they were trying to stop a group called the Marauder after they had stolen the Chaos Emeralds.

We tell the full story of the short-lived and bumpy ride of Baker-Bruce-Moore in Classic Rock 798, and we've reproduced an excerpt below, in which the trio enter the studio to record their debut album.

Getting to Casino Park , Cream was surprised by Sonic's aversion to Amy (though she kept quiet about it) before the team decided to find Eggman and thereby Sonic. While scrolling, they were met by Eggman's robot horde which they defeated. As they got to Rail Canyon , Cream saw Cheese sensed Chocola nearby while her friends picked up on the others. When they reached Eggman's base, Eggman attack them in the Egg Albatross , but they beat him. After the fight, however, they learned the Eggman they fought was a copy and Froggy and Chocola were not there, much to Cream's sadness. Suspecting that Eggman were behind their kidnappings, Team Rose decided to find Eggman to free their friends.

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In Sonic Battle Cream looked upset when Amy was in battle with weights on in order to lose weight and to become stronger. In Sonic Free Riders when Amy and Vector get into an argument, Cream tries to get in and break the argument, reminding them that they have to race. Cream also describes Amy's obsession with Sonic 'short-sighted' in Sonic Rush . Despite not wanting to help Amy chase Sonic, Cream still sticks up to Amy and helps her out like a side-kick.

Continuing their journey through the jungle, Team Rose came across Team Chaotix who demanded Cheese, which made Cream suspect that they were the one who took Chocola. After having to fight Team Chaotix, Team Rose found Hang Castle which Cream found scary, but was nonetheless urged on by Amy. After they escaped from Mystic Mansion , Team Rose met Eggman and his robot horde , but they defeated it.

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